Q) How your service charges?

A) We now charges 10% of total items price and Domestic shipping. We charge 50 RMB (7.85 USD) for minimum service fee.

See detail


Q) Which payments you accept?

A) We choose PayPal as our only online payment method; accept Visa, Master Card and American Express (trhough PayPal). Offline payment method we use Western Union/bank transfer/moneygram.


Q) If I were to transfer you money, what currency is that?

A) 1) If you were transfer by RMB, that's the most welcomed.

     2) We accept USD via PayPal, western union, Moneygram or bank transfer

     3) Singapore client can send payment through my sg friend, charge is 6sgd/time. Exchange rate depends on times.


Q) Where you can delivery?

A) To 182 countries now.

Reminder: China EMS is not reach the The Netherland, Brunei and Chile, etc, pls check 


Q) which shipping you use?

A) We choose EMS/airmail/SAL and UPS/DHL /TNT/FedEx as our shipping method. Special packages will ship specially upon request.(Like brand items)


Q) How long can I receive package?

A) It is depends on which county you are. Generally, it takes about 1-3 weeks from place order to get the package.


Q) Can you take pictures of my items so that I know what it looks like before having the package shipped to me?

A) Yes. We can take digital pictures of any items you would like prior to shipping. But it's not obligation, we would take only when we have free time.


Q) Is there any insurance for my package?

A) Additional insurance can be covering the whole sum of 5% fee. If you need insurance, you should email to susan#taobaospree.com immediately after you finished order process.


Q) I bought multi-items from same seller, could domestic shipping fee combined?

A) Yes. In most case the domestic shipping fee could combined, and some times you need pay a little more domestic shipping fee for multi-items(Like overweight cases).


Q) Is there any minimum order I must get?

A) We calculate the service fee by the the item itself (service fee started from 50rmb/order), no minimum orders you must get.


Q) Which site you can purchase?

A) You can purchase from taobao.com and also support other famous B2C online store in China (like paipai, eachnet.etc).We keep the rights that if buy form other sites or not due to security consideration


Q) Does any product you can help to buy?

A) We can help you buy almost all kind of product from taobao.com and from other China online store, but we keep the right to decide which product not to buy for risk factors.


Q) What If the items no stock after I paid?

A) Please check here to see detail 


Important remarks:

No Liquid,

No makup(makeup brush, comb can buy),

No weapon,

No food,

No powder,

No Gel forever

for custom security reason.