China post Airmail

  new price for China post airmail which is a lot cheaper


    Please see below chart:


zone Countries First 50g
tracking No. fee
added on Already
additional 100g
1 日本、韩国、哈萨克斯坦
Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan
¥13.00 ¥6.0
2 奥地利、新加坡、泰国、斯里兰卡、马来西亚
Austria, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia
¥13.00 ¥7.0
3 新西兰、澳大利亚、匈牙利、希腊、瑞士、葡萄牙、挪威、罗马尼亚、捷克、荷兰、芬兰、德国、丹麦、波兰、比利时、保加利亚、爱尔兰、意大利、瑞典、克罗地亚、马耳他、斯洛伐克、斯洛文尼亚、印度尼西亚、以色列、土耳其、塞浦路斯、阿塞拜疆
New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, Norway, Romania, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Indonesia, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Azerbaijan
¥13.00 ¥8.0
4 南非、美国、加拿大、英国、西班牙、乌克兰、立陶宛、拉脱维亚、法国、俄罗斯、白俄罗斯、爱沙尼亚、沙特阿拉伯、亚洲其他国家
South Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, other Asian countries
¥13.00 ¥9.0
5 墨西哥  Mexico ¥13.00 ¥10.0
6 阿根廷  Argentina ¥13.00 ¥11.0
7 智利、巴西、秘鲁  Chile, Brazil, Peru ¥13.00 ¥12.0
8 其他国家  Rest countries ¥13.00 ¥18.0


We only shipped packages with tracking number.


For example:

Package weight 550g, to UK, price should be

UK in zone 4, so-->

13+5*9=58 yuan


Package weight 820g, to Brazil, price should be 

Brazil in Zone 7, so-->

13+8*12=109 rmb


Here is the link for tracking China post mail


We also recommand below website to track all your shipments methods.



Delivery time for airmail: 15-45 days depends on different countries. 

                                      Good to ship low value items


Advantage of airmail:     cheap shipping, easy for custom declearance

disadvantage of airmail:  slow shipment, risk of lost package


If you still have question about the shipping, welcome to contact our  live help service  on the right corner of the website. Our customer service is ready to help